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Fixed belt conveyor

The fixed belt conveyor has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, and can work for a long time. It can be widely used in the transportation and transshipment of bulk materials and packages. It is widely used in metallurgy, coal, port and other industries.
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1. Conveyor Belts, including ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belts, nylon conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts, and EP polyester conveyor belts. According to the different materials to be transported and the length of the conveying distance, the fixed belt conveyor chooses different types of conveyor belts.
2. Roller: The fixed belt conveyor is composed of a reversing roller, an increasing roller and a driving roller. The specification of the roller is determined according to the conveying distance and conveying bandwidth. For example, if the conveying distance is 30 meters and the conveying distance is 500 meters, the roller needs to be selected to be 400*650, 400 is the diameter, and 650 is the rolling surface width.
3. Idler: including ordinary trough idlers, parallel idlers, self-aligning idlers, friction idlers, and buffer idlers. Among them, the buffer idler group is mainly used at the receiving place of the fixed belt conveyor, and the self-aligning idler group can be installed every ten sets of ordinary idlers, which can effectively adjust the running direction of the conveyor belt.
4. Driving device: The driving device of the fixed belt conveyor can use "motor + reducer, motor + hydraulic coupler, motor + pulley, built-in electric drum, external electric drum" according to different usage purposes and site conditions.
5. Safety protection device: deviation switch, pull rope switch, slip detector, overload detector, which can effectively protect the safe operation of the belt conveyor, find problems in time and make adjustments.

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