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Curved belt conveyor

Overland conveyor

Material transportation for long-distance mining operations is designed for overland conveyors. For the lowest total cost of ownership, Zoomry overland solutions offer flexible and dependable material delivery while also reducing energy use. For the needs of long-distance material transportation, overland conveyors are dependable and effective.
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Overland conveyor

Why you choose our overland conveyor?

Lowest total cost of ownership:

Our overland conveying solutions use energy-saving idlers, which can lower the amount of power used by up to 30%.

High Availability:

Our designs enable the conveyors to be easily maintained and swiftly installed. Consequently, less start-up and maintenance downtime is needed.


We have experience with both horizontal and vertical curves and can assist with route definition.

High capacity:

Up to 30,000 tons per hour of capabilities are possible with the overland conveyor solutions.

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