Pipe Conveyor System


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Pipe conveyor system

Pipe conveyor system

Pipe conveyor system is a conveyor that rolls the tape into a round tube shape, so that the material is transported in a completely closed environment, referred to as the pipe belt machine.

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Pipe conveyor belts, or tube Conveyor Belts, are used for enclosed material transport. After loading in the conventionally troughed belt, the belt is formed into a pipe shape with overlapped belt edges. The material is then completely enclosed by the belt.

Pipe conveyor system - Enclosed transport of bulk materials
Sharp turns, steep slopes and long distances - the Pipe conveyor system transports bulk materials over challenging terrain. The Pipe conveyor system is actually a conveyor belt-shaped into a tube, and the closure of the belt helps to reduce contamination and spillage: protecting the bulk material from sun, rain and wind - while protecting the environment. This is important when transporting sensitive materials (such as scrap) near or through public areas. There are no unpleasant odors, no material loss and, just as importantly, no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

Pipe conveyors overcome challenging terrain
The flexible tubular shape means that pipe conveyors can overcome steep slopes, making transfer towers and power stations redundant. This is a key factor, especially when compared to other conveyor systems. The movement can be used to efficiently recover energy when the pipe conveyor must slope downward. Structurally flexible, low-maintenance, small footprint systems can conquer even the most challenging terrain and keep existing facilities in use and in place.

  pipe conveyor system


Based on the characteristics of closed transportation of pipe belt conveyors, it is widely used in chemical, coal, steel mill raw material transportation, cement and other industries. Combined with higher and higher environmental protection requirements, Pipe conveyor system are more and more widely used. 


It has the same advantages as general belt conveyors with energy saving, safety and reliability; 

More environmentally friendly, whether it is the upper tape or the lower tape, it is rolled into a round tube, which fundamentally avoids the spilling of materials and dust; 

It is easier to turn. Compared with the general belt conveyor, the pipe conveyor system can adopt a smaller turning radius, which can meet the needs of special occasions and narrow space layout. 


Nominal pipe diameter (mm) 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 700 850
Nominal bandwidth (mm) 430 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2250 2550 3100
Cross-sectional area (m2) (75%) 0.006 0.013 0.023 0.041 0.049 0.066 0.108 0.131 0.155 0.216 0.280 0.404

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