Good quality--Suspended shaft roller for conveyor system


Engaged in conveyor system field more than two decades.

Conveyor Rollers

Suspended shaft roller

Zoomry manufactures conveyor rollers in accordance with all recognized national and international standards, including ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS, and CEMA.
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A. Face Width B. Gauge C. Overall Shaft Length D. Shell Diameter E. Shaft Diameter F. Across Flat


Roller Type: Plain, Impact, Disc, Weigh, Suspended Plain, Guide, Suspended Impact, Low-noise, Suspended Low-noise, Rubber Lagged Roller, Spiral Roller, Crowned Roller

Bearing Type: 6204, 6205, 6305, 6306, 6307,6308, 6309, 6310, 6311, 6312

Material: Steel, Yeloroll(PVC), Yeloroll HD(G-HPDE,), Polyurethane(PU), Aluminium

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