Universal Belt Conveyor


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Large inclination conveyor

Universal Belt Conveyor

DTIIA, TD75, CEMA and other standard conventional belt conveyors are used in factories, production lines, raw material factories, loading stations and other places in various industries.
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Universal <a href=https://www.zoomryhi.com/belt-conveyor.html target='_blank'>belt conveyor</a>


It is overlapped with various crushing, screening, feeder, stacker-reclaimer and other equipment of the production line, and is used for the transportation of various bulk materials in the factory;


According to the needs of the production line, it can be flexibly arranged, the length can be selected according to the needs of the site, and the inclination angle can be arbitrarily selected within 0-30°.

Specifications table:

bandwidth 500mm-2600mm
length based on customer's needs
slope -30°~+30°
Transport capacity 0-15000m3/h
Material particle size ≤300mm
belt speed 0.6~4.5m/s
Select roller specifications Diameter 400mm~1800mm
Select idler specifications Diameter 89mm~219mm



1 Tail roller and bracket

2 guide chute

3 Rain Cover/dust cover

4 intermediate rack stringer

5 legs

6 tension packs

7 Tape

8 idlers

9 head rollers and brackets

10 Funnel Hopper

11 Drive system

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