Long distance curved belt conveyor, Belt conveyor system


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Curved belt conveyor

Belt conveyor system

Conveyors developed to meet the needs of complex terrain and long-distance transportation in the field can be installed following the undulations of the ground, and avoid obstacles and buildings through curved turns. The length of a single conveyor can reach more than 15km.
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Long-distance curved belt conveyors are widely used in mines, wharfs, cement plants, sand and gravel aggregates, transportation stations, and various raw material factories, etc.


Environmental protection, there is no dust pollution in long-distance conveyor transportation, and the noise is extremely small;

Energy saving, the power source is clean electric energy, there is no air pollution, no waste gas,

Safety, does not occupy local traffic resources, and avoids various safety hazards caused by car transportation;

Curved transportation can better adapt to local geographical conditions, avoid complex road sections, avoid buildings and roads, etc., which is conducive to project approval and later operation management.

Belt conveyor system

Specifications table:

length A single length within 20km
Transport capacity 0-15000m3/h
Material particle size ≤300mm
belt speed 1.0~6.5m/s
Turning radius 100m~3000m
turning angle 0-90°

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