Coal Conveyors


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Coal Conveyors

Zoomry offers coal conveyors, coal stackers, portable coal conveyors, unloading conveyors, coal conveying systems, coal Conveyor Belts, coal conveying rollers, pulleys, etc.

Coal conveyor is very important for conveying bulk coal in underground and open pit coal mining, coal washing, coal processing, coking, sintering, smelting, thermal power and other industries. Coal conveyors can be either fixed or mobile. Over the years, we have helped our customers build many custom coal conveyor systems. They are installed in coal plants, washing plants, mineral processing plants, sintering plants, steel plants, thermal power plants, petroleum coking plants, etc.

Types of Coal Mine Conveyors

Underground Coal Mining Conveyor
Conveyors used in underground coal mines prioritize safety due to the presence of gas (methane) and the flammability of coal. Two options for coal conveyors are solid braided belt conveyors and steel cord belt conveyors.

The solid braided conveyor belt is specially designed for coal mines, offering advantages such as excellent flame retardant and antistatic properties, lightweight construction, low manufacturing cost, and good tear resistance. On the other hand, steel cord conveyor belts have high tensile strength, minimal elongation, impact resistance, high load-bearing capacity, long conveying distances, and extended service life compared to solid braided conveyor belts.

Surface Coal Mining Conveyors
In open-pit coal mines, transportation conditions are generally better compared to underground mines, and the primary focus shifts from flame retardancy and antistatic properties to physical and mechanical characteristics. Multilayer fabric conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts are preferred options in such scenarios.

Coal Washery Conveyor
A coal washing plant, also known as a coal preparation plant, is used to purify coal and remove coal gangue. The coal conveyor plays a crucial role in processing raw coal by connecting the coal washing machine and facilitating storage in stockyards or silos.

Power Plant Coal Fuel Conveyor
Power plant coal conveyors transport coal to stockyards for combustion. The choice of conveyor type, such as cord belts, steel cord core belts, or tube belts, depends on factors like conveying distance and environmental regulations.

Coal Coking Plant Conveyor
Coke, an important raw material in the steel and smelting industry, is derived from raw coal. Belt conveyors are key equipment in coke processing, enabling the transportation of raw coal and petroleum coke. Given the high temperature of petroleum coke before cooling, a belt conveyor with excellent heat resistance is necessary.

Steel Mill Coal Conveyor
Large metallurgical plants utilize coal for steel smelting. Belt conveyors serve as the primary means of coal transportation, including storage of raw coal, coal transport, and coal movement within crushing and screening plants.

Port Coal Loading Conveyor
In the modern coal transportation industry, ships play a vital role. Loading coal onto a coal carrier requires both a coal carrier and a ship loader. Our company supplies coal conveyors for port transportation and mobile ship loaders designed to load coal into bulk carrier containers.

Coal Conveyor Components

We offer various coal conveyor components for sale, including:
Coal conveyor drums
Coal conveyor belts
Coal conveyor frames
Coal handling frames
Coal conveyor Belt Cleaners
Other coal conveyor parts

Our company provides a comprehensive coal transportation solution. Please send us your detailed requirements, and we will assist you in obtaining the appropriate coal conveyors and parts.

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