Large Inclination Conveyor


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Large inclination conveyor

What is a Large Inclination Belt Conveyor?

The large-inclination conveyor overlaps with various crushing, screening, feeder, stacker and reclaimer and other equipment on the production line, and is used for transporting various bulk materials in the factory area;It can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of the production line, the length is based on site needs, and the inclination angle can be selected arbitrarily within 0-30°

Advantage of the Large Inclination Belt Conveyor

1.It can convey bulk materials at a large angle, greatly shortening the machine length, reducing the space, and completely solving the conveying angle that ordinary belt conveyors cannot reach.

2. Mechanized conveying of materials can reduce project investment costs by approximately 20% to 40%.

3. High degree of standardization, simple structure, easy maintenance, safe and reliable operation.

4. Can transport various bulk materials.

5. The process layout is simplified, flexible, convenient and has many forms. It can replace the combined unit of horizontal conveyor and bucket machine, two machines in one or three machines in one.

6. The belt has high strength and long service life.

Our after-sales service:

1)Installation guide;

2)Provide drawings and instructions;

3)On-site guidance of dispatched engineers;

4)The machine has a long warranty of 2 years ;Roller warranty 50,000 hours.

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