Energy and Power Industry


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Energy and Power Industry

Investing in an overland conveyor system offers various advantages, including cost savings in maintenance, energy, and labor, leading to direct economic benefits. Overland conveyors designed for energy and power applications ensure the safe and efficient transportation of bulk materials across both short and long distances.
Compared to a fleet of small trucks, a standard 42-inch overland conveyor can move the same amount of material per hour while requiring only a fraction of the labor. Additionally, it significantly reduces environmental concerns such as spills or contamination from trucks.

At Zoomry, our experienced engineers specialize in designing and constructing customized conveyors for energy and power facilities. Count on us to deliver an efficient, durable, and cost-effective solution for seamlessly moving bulk materials from point A to point B.

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Conveyor packages for the energy and power industry

Many different types of energy facilities and power plants require specific materials such as dirt, rock, sand, gravel, coal and fly ash to be transported over steep ground, rugged terrain or environmentally sensitive areas.
A custom conveyor solution will provide a cost-effective and viable solution to all of these challenges and more. Drive systems, construction, belts and dust control features are some of the unique design considerations in a custom energy or power conveying system.
Custom packages typically include:
System design using our overland Conveyor Belt analysis program
Overland (ground) conveyors
Portable transfer conveyors
Dirt conveyors
Radial stacker conveyors
Surface Conveyor Belts
Conveyor drives
Take-up unit
Belt starters
Conveyor Construction
From sand and gravel hauling to moving heavy and jagged rock, Zoomry will create highly customized solutions to fit the environment, materials and unique jobsite challenges. Ask us how we can support your next energy and power project.


Overland conveyor system components

Onshore conveyors have a tough life - they are often exposed to extreme weather, abrasive dust and jagged rocks. Components from the belt cover to the loading chute need to be replaced regularly to ensure reliable operation and unplanned downtime.

At Zoomry, we offer a full line of overland conveyor parts, including belts. Available components include

Conveyor structure terminal equipment

Conveyor belts

Conveyor accessories

Custom equipment packages

Types of energy and power transmission projects handled

We can design energy and power conveying systems to transport:

Sand and gravel
Fly ash
Quarry material
Blast furnace/steel furnace slag

Energy and Power Conveying Accessories
The right fittings can make a significant difference by improving the safety and productivity of conveyor system workers. Accessories can also reduce total cost of ownership by extending service intervals, improving reliability and reducing maintenance.
chutes and Loading Sections
Conveyor Covers

About Zoomry

Zoomry has over 20 years of experience manufacturing custom overland conveyors for the energy and power industries. We have built a well-deserved reputation for designing high-performance and durable conveyor systems built from quality parts.

We work with the industry's leading brands to provide our customers with the best conveyor technology and systems available. If your energy facility or power plant needs a cost effective way to move bulk materials overland, contact us.

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