Truck Unloader


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Truck Unloader

A truck unloader is a device designed to optimize the unloading of bulk products from trucks.

Save time with a Zoomry truck unloader.

Truck unloading time can be an important consideration for your activities. That's why we designed the Truck Unloader: a flexible piece of equipment that allows you to optimize the unloading of semi-trailers and tippers transporting bulk products. Reliable and efficient, the truck unloader allows you to unload in record time: depending on the configuration, 3 to 10 minutes is enough to unload 30 tons of bulk product.

Work safely with a truck unloader.

The safety of the operators using our equipment is our top priority. For this reason, the truck unloaders are fitted with numerous safety elements: a double emergency stop system, full protection of the drive components and even a floor grille above the belt to make it easier to open the trailer hatch. In addition, the unloader complies with the CE standard for stand-alone equipment. The high mobility of the truck unloader allows it to be easily transported between sites and moved to the same storage location.

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