Conveyor Pulley


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Conveyor Pulley

Zoomry's line of heavy-duty conveyor pulleys meet the stringent requirements of industries such as sand and gravel quarries, coal mines, unit packaging, food processing and recycling. These pulleys are manufactured to provide maximum protection against premature failure in harsh applications. We offer extremely short lead times on stocked and customized products.

A conveyor pulley is a mechanical device similar to a conveyor roller that is used to change the direction of the belt in a conveyor system or to drive the belt or apply tension to the belt.
Conveyor pulleys are heavier than rollers and are used at either end of the conveyor or near the drive/motor. Choosing the right conveyor pulley can be tricky, and Zoomry can provide expert help in this area.


Drive Pulley/Head Pulley
Drive pulleys or head pulleys are used to drive conveyor belts. They are usually mounted in profile bearings and are driven by a motor and reducer. Conveyor head pulleys can be flat or convex and many come with overmolded rubber to minimize belt slippage. Conveyor roller pulleys, wing pulleys and spiral pulleys are the most common types of driven pulleys.
Return/Tail Pulleys
Return/tail pulleys are used to redirect the conveyor belt back to the drive pulley. Conveyor tail pulleys can have internal bearings or be mounted in external bearings and are usually located at the end of the conveyor machine. Conveyor tail pulleys are often used as tensioning pulleys to maintain tension on the belt.
Idler Pulley
Any free rotating pulley used in a non-drive position to support the belt.
Short Pulley
A type of conveyor pulley used to increase the tension on the belt wrap around the drive pulley, usually to improve belt traction.
Tension Pulley
A conveyor pulley that can be adjusted in a holder to increase or decrease belt slack or belt tension.
Bending Pulley
A conveyor pulley that is used to change the direction of a conveyor belt and to provide belt tension in the event of a bend in the conveyor system.
Conveyor Pulley
A roller assembly used in conveyor machines as a support for the product being conveyed. These rollers are also used in the return section underneath the conveyor machine as a support for the return section of the conveyor belt.

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