Grasshopper conveyor


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Grasshopper Conveyor

The grasshopper conveyor is designed for conveying materials over long distances, as conveying materials is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of conveying materials. Grasshopper conveyors can be used in quarries, mining, logistics, ports and inland terminals, power stations and other industries.

The grasshopper conveyor has the following applications:

1. Mobile connections in pits to primary/secondary processing plants.
2. Mobile link from truck unloader/hopper feeder to ship loader in port.
3. Mobile link to mobile ship loading system.
4. Mobile link from the warehouse to the port for ship loading/unloading.

5. Grasshopper conveyor for ore transfer in heap leach plants.


1. eliminates the need for a dedicated wheel loader to constantly move the material, thus reducing double handling
2. Adjustable discharge heights allow variable discharge to a wide range of equipment.
3. Eliminates the need for costly dump trucks to transport material from source to process.
4. Removal/reduction of loading shovel movement reduces operating costs and cost per ton.
5. Maneuverability provides optimum site flexibility. Links can be moved off site or placed in storage when not needed.
6. High specification machines designed for ease of maintenance offer excellent resale value at the end of a project.
7. Multi-purpose equipment, the most cost effective method of material transfer.

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