Grasshopper conveyor


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Grasshopper Conveyor

The grasshopper conveyor provides an easy-to-transport, shorter overland option for transporting material from the crusher to the stockpile conveyor. grasshopper conveyors are often referred to as transfer conveyors or portable conveyors.
The grasshopper conveyor consists of welded angles and bolted connections. The conveyor belt folds at the rear to reduce the overall transport size and thus save costs. All conveyors can be easily moved once in the field to position in and out of your production infeed line. The feed height can be easily adjusted to produce more accurate feed and reduce spillage. The truss section is carefully designed to extend the life of the conveyor and withstand constant repositioning. The tail support has a height-adjustable setting to keep the tail drum away from harmful debris.
Grasshopper conveyors can be used in quarries, mining, logistics, ports and inland terminals, power stations and other industries.

The grasshopper conveyor has the following applications:

1. Construction and Infrastructure
In the construction and infrastructure sector, grasshopper conveyors play a vital role in streamlining material handling processes. They facilitate the efficient movement of construction materials such as aggregates, sand, gravel, and concrete. Grasshopper conveyors can quickly transfer these bulk materials from one location to another within the construction site, minimizing manual labor and reducing the time required for material transportation. This ensures a steady supply of materials to different areas of the site, enhancing overall productivity and project completion timelines.
2. Mining and Quarrying
Grasshopper conveyors find extensive use in the mining and quarrying industry, where the handling of large quantities of extracted materials is a primary concern. These conveyors efficiently transport minerals, ores, and other excavated materials from the extraction point to processing or storage areas. The telescopic design of grasshopper conveyors allows them to reach into pits, trenches, or high elevations, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for material transfer in mining and quarrying operations.
3. Ports and Terminals
Ports and terminals handle massive volumes of bulk materials, including grains, ores, and coal. Grasshopper conveyors offer a mobile and efficient solution for loading and unloading ships, trucks, and storage facilities. Their telescopic design allows them to extend to reach various points along the material handling route, enabling the seamless transfer of materials between different modes of transportation. Grasshopper conveyors enhance port and terminal operations by reducing loading and unloading times, minimizing manual labor, and optimizing the utilization of storage facilities.
4. Agriculture and Farming
In the agricultural industry, grasshopper conveyors are employed for various applications, ranging from handling harvested crops to managing bulk materials such as fertilizers and animal feed. They enable the efficient transfer of crops from fields to processing or storage areas, reducing the reliance on manual labor and improving operational efficiency. Grasshopper conveyors also play a role in bulk material handling within agricultural facilities, ensuring the smooth movement of feed, grains, and other agricultural commodities.
5. Warehousing and Distribution
Grasshopper conveyors are valuable assets in warehousing and distribution centers, where quick and efficient material handling is essential. They facilitate the movement of goods within the warehouse, from receiving areas to storage locations or loading docks. Grasshopper conveyors can adapt to varying heights and angles, allowing for seamless integration with storage racks, shelves, and other equipment. Their mobility and flexibility enable swift repositioning to accommodate changing material flow requirements within the warehouse, optimizing operational efficiency and order fulfillment processes.
6. Temporary Material Handling Needs
Grasshopper conveyors are particularly useful for temporary material handlings needs, such as in event setups, construction projects, or infrastructure maintenance. These conveyors can be quickly transported to the site and set up within a short period. Their mobility and telescopic design make them suitable for handling materials in confined spaces or challenging environments. Grasshopper conveyors provide a temporary yet efficient solution to handle bulk materials during specific projects or events, eliminating the need for more permanent infrastructure.


1. eliminates the need for a dedicated wheel loader to constantly move the material, thus reducing double handling
2. Adjustable discharge heights allow variable discharge to a wide range of equipment.
3. Eliminates the need for costly dump trucks to transport material from source to process.
4. Removal/reduction of loading shovel movement reduces operating costs and cost per ton.
5. Maneuverability provides optimum site flexibility. Links can be moved off site or placed in storage when not needed.
6. High specification machines designed for ease of maintenance offer excellent resale value at the end of a project.
7. Multi-purpose equipment, the most cost effective method of material transfer.

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