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Mobile Ship Loader

For the processing of bulk goods, Zoomry, a reputable mobile ship loader manufacturer, offers mobile ship loader conveyor. Our company offers full ship loaders (also known as ship loading systems), barge loaders (also known as barge loading systems), and vessel loaders (also known as vessel loading systems).

A shiploader is a large machine used for continuously loading bulk solid materials such as iron ore, coal, fertilizers, grains and/or material in bags onto ships or barges.

There are two common varieties of mobile shiploaders: the fully mobile, wheel-mounted shiploader and the partially mobile, rail-traveling shiploader. The portability of the design is advantageous for both types of mobile shiploaders.

ship loader

Available Dock Width A              Beam Width B               Vessel Height C         Hatch Width D

Deck Width E                Height Above Dock F                 Fender Width G

Vessel type you can choose:  1. Barge   2. Handysize   3. Handymax   4. Panamax   5. Capesize

What are the uses for mobile shiploaders?

The primary purpose of the mobile ship loaders is to load bulk cargo onto ships or barges. For cargo runners, it offers a highly effective loading method. Our company offers full ship loaders (also known as ship loading systems), barge loaders (also known as barge loading systems), and vessel loaders (also known as vessel loading systems). Our equipment can be used to load a ship from vehicles or stockpiles. When handling bulk materials including bulk coal, fertilizer, aggregate, sand, wood chips, wood pellets, crushed rocks, grains, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, etc., our mobile barge loader conveyor system equipment is frequently utilized.

What kinds of conveyors are there for ship loading?

1. Rail-mounted Shiploader

2. All Wheel Travel Shiploaders;

3. Tracked Radial Telescopic Shiploaders

4. Direct Feed Barge Shiploaders;

5. Transshipping Barge loaders;

Why Would You Want to Purchase a Mobile Shiploader?

1. Lower Investment: Compared to highly engineered, stationary systems, there is a significant reduction in capital investment.

2. Faster lead times in comparison to fixed systems requiring a lot of engineering.

3. Quick Installation: As opposed to taking weeks or months, installation timelines are measured in hours and days.

4. High Mobility: Shiploaders with high mobility can enter and exit your business quickly.

5. Strong Function: Stockpiling, loading, and unloading operations are all carried out by multifunctional machinery.

6. Quality Control: Our mobile ship loading equipment ensures that the quality of the bulk material is maintained throughout the conveyor handling operation.

What are the main benefits of mobile loading?

- Increased productivity due to continuous loading at speeds up to 3,000 tons per hour

- Loading a range of vessels, from barges to handysize/small capsize vessels

- Maintains product integrity by eliminating duplication of material handling

- Reduced capital expenditure

- Reduces operating costs

- Less dependence on human skills/training

- Better environmental performance

- Safer site as there is less potential for human error

- Fewer planning requirements

- Lower civil/infrastructure costs

- Good resale opportunities/value

- Mobility ensures that the machine can support any existing stacker/reclaimer system during breakdowns or planned maintenance or planned maintenance.

- Utilization of space allows access to hard-to-reach parts of the yard, thus expanding your inventory.

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