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Telescopic Stacker

Zoomry, as a stacker conveyor manufacturer, specializes in the supply of stackers and long-distance turning conveyors. We can provide one-stop service from independent design to complete sets of equipment, and we have a dedicated after-sales service team to enable customers to get timely solutions to their problems. We have our own on-site construction supervision team to feedback actual operation data and equipment life, so that we can grasp the most accurate usage data. The core components of stacker and conveyor are all produced by our own company. The structure and process improvement accumulated for more than twenty years ensure the stable and reliable quality of our equipment.

Our experienced and talented team of manufacturers and conveyor specialists design and manufacture high quality stacker conveyor equipment to suit the toughest quarry conditions. We serve the aggregate, coal, concrete, recycling, construction and bulk material markets; with a customer base that spans from the East Coast to the West Coast. Our team of designers and engineers constantly strive to find creative and cost effective ways to meet our customers' needs. As a result we can provide sound advice and innovative solutions and meet the needs of our customers.Contact Zoomry.

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What Is a Telescopic Stacker?

A telescopic stacker is a versatile piece of equipment used for material handling and stockpiling. It consists of a mobile, self-propelled unit with a telescopic boom conveyor that can extend and retract, allowing for efficient loading, unloading, and stacking of bulk materials.

How Does a Telescopic Stacker Work?

A telescopic stacker operates using a combination of hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems. The boom conveyor, equipped with a series of linked belt conveyors, can extend and retract, providing a flexible reach for loading and unloading materials. The hydraulic systems control the movement and positioning of the boom, while the electrical systems ensure the smooth operation of the stacker. By utilizing these integrated systems, a telescopic stacker offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility in material handling tasks.

Advantages of Telescopic Stackers

Telescopic stackers offer several advantages over traditional material handling equipment, making them a preferred choice in many industries.
Increased Reach and Versatility: Telescopic stackers can extend to considerable heights and lengths, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of materials even in challenging environments. They can handle a wide range of materials, from aggregates to bulk solids, with ease.
Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: With their rapid deployment capabilities and high stacking capacities, telescopic stackers enable faster material handling operations, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.
Improved Safety and Operator Comfort: Telescopic stackers are designed with operator safety in mind, incorporating features such as ergonomic controls, panoramic visibility, and advanced safety systems. This ensures a safer working environment and enhances operator comfort during extended periods of operation.
Space Optimization: The telescopic boom conveyor of a stacker enables efficient stockpiling of materials, optimizing available space in warehouses, construction sites, and other operational areas.

What applications are available for Telescopic Stackery?

Portable radial stacker conveyors are used in quarrying, aggregate and gravel, mining, ore leaching, ports and inland terminals, yards, railroads and other industries.

Radial stackers to handle bulk materials such as aggregates, gravel, clinker, wood chips, wood shavings, crushed bamboo, coal, iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, bauxite, aluminum ore, rare earth, C & D waste, mulch, fly ash, fertilizer, biomass fertilizer, grains, wheat, rice, beans, etc.

Some Introduction

Construction and Infrastructure: Telescopic stackers play a crucial role in handling and stockpiling construction materials, such as aggregates, sand, and cement, on construction sites.
Ports and Terminals: Telescopic stackers are utilized in ports and terminals for efficient loading and unloading of bulk materials, such as coal, iron ore, and grains, onto ships and trucks.
Mining and Extraction: Telescopic stackers are employed in mining and extraction operations to handle and stockpile minerals, ores, and other extracted materials.

Choosing the Right Telescopic Stacker for Your Needs

Selecting the right telescopic stacker for your material handling operations involves careful consideration of various factors. By following a systematic approach, you can ensure that the stacker you choose maximizes efficiency and productivity while meeting your budgetary constraints.
Assessing Your Material Handling Requirements
The first step is to assess your material handling requirements. Consider the types of materials you handle, their weight and dimensions, and the desired reach and stacking heights. Evaluate the throughput and volume of materials to determine the required lifting capacity and operational speed.
Evaluating Available Options
Research and evaluate the available telescopic stacker options in the market. Consider factors such as manufacturers' reputation, product reviews, and customer feedback. Look for stackers that offer features and specifications that align with your specific needs.
Considering Budgetary Constraints
Establishing a budget is crucial to narrow down your options. Consider not only the initial purchase cost but also the long-term operational costs, including maintenance, fuel consumption, and potential downtime. Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) each stacker can provide based on its features, durability, and expected lifespan.
Consulting with Industry Experts-Zoomry
Seek advice from industry experts or consultants who specialize in material handling equipment. Our expertise can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. We can also assist in evaluating your current operations and identifying areas for improvement.

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