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Pipe conveyor system

What is a pipe conveyor system?

The pipe conveyor system is a modern and environmentally friendly transport system that solves many of the problems associated with conventional conveying systems, i.e. material spillage, steep slopes and curve layout constraints.

The pipe belt conveyor is ideal for transporting bulk materials over challenging terrain. The closure of the belt helps reduce contamination and spillage: protecting the bulk material from sun, rain and wind - while protecting the environment. This is important when transporting sensitive materials (such as scrap) near or through public areas. No unpleasant odors, no material loss and, just as importantly, no negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Features of the pipe conveyor system

Due to its characteristics, pipe conveyors have been installed in various applications for the transport of materials such as coal, iron ore, alumina, petroleum coke, etc.

Design of the pipe conveyor system

As with the trough belt conveyor, the loading section or feeder or pipe conveyor is open so that it can receive bulk material. Special rollers then form the belt into a closed tube - diameters of 150 to 650 mm are possible. From this point, metal plates with hexagonal cutouts and staggered rollers with a large support span keep the tube shaped and closed over the entire conveying distance. Once the conveyed material reaches its destination, the belt automatically opens and ejects the material due to the positioning of the rollers. A deflection system now guides the belt to a lower running position where the belt is brought back to the tube shape and run back to its starting point. For dual pipe systems, it is also common to build and install channels between the pipes for inspection and maintenance.

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