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Tracked Radial Stacker

The tracked radial stacker integrates all the advantages of the mobile radial stocker and the crawler stocker into one product. Zoomry's range of radial track stackers combines the ability to drive itself over even the roughest terrain with the ability to create large radial inventories, providing operators with an independently powered product with excellent on-site Maneuverability and the ability to rotate continuously through 360°. Thanks to the robust design of the radial track stacker range and its ability to hydraulically adjust infeed and discharge heights, is able to store material from primary/secondary crushers and screens, eliminating material separation, compaction and pollution.


A radial track stacker is a material handling equipment used in industries such as mining, quarrying, and construction to stack bulk materials in a circular pattern around a central pivot point. Some of the common features of a radial track stacker include:

  • Mobility: A tracked radial conveyor is designed to be mobile and can be easily moved from one location to another using its tracks or wheels.
  • Adjustable height: The height of the tracked radial stacker conveyor can be adjusted to match the height of the stockpile to be stacked. This is done using a hydraulic system that raises or lowers the stacker.
  • Rotation: The tracked stacker can rotate around its central pivot point to stack material in a circular pattern. This allows it to cover a larger area and create a larger stockpile.
  • Conveyor system: The tracked radial stacker has a conveyor system that moves the material to be stacked. The conveyor system can be adjusted to control the speed and direction of the material.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the tracked radial conveyor depends on its size and design. Some stackers can handle up to 2,000 tons per hour.
  • Control system: The tracked radial conveyor is operated using a control system that allows the operator to adjust the height, rotation, and conveyor speed of the stacker.
  • Durability: The tracked radial conveyor is built to withstand harsh operating conditions and is made of heavy-duty materials that can handle the weight and abrasiveness of the material being stacked.
  • Safety features: The tracked radial conveyor is equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and warning alarms to ensure the safety of operators and workers in the area.


Coal, Compost, Construction and demolition waste (C&D), Food product, Cover, Gravel, Scrap metal, Topsoil, Wood waste

Browse the Specifications of Zoomry radial track stacker

Conveyor Model ZR800 ZR1000 ZR1200
Belt Width (mm) 800 1000 1200
Conveying Length(mm) 20000
Driving Mode Hydraulic motor
Capacity (t/h) 100-300 250-600 300-1000
Conveying Height(mm) 7000
Walking Chassis B300* 2800 B300*3000 B300* 3500
Motor Model TM15 TM18 TM25
Diesel Engine 4BT3.9-G2 4BT3.9-G2 4BT3.9-G11
Transport Dimensions (mm) 10500* 1650*1950 10500*1850* 2350 10500* 2050*2550
Working Dimensions (mm) 19500* 1550*7500 19500*1850* 7700 19500* 1550*8000
Equipment Weight (t) 15 18 22

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