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Curved belt conveyor

Designed for versatility, the curved belt conveyor maximizes available space and enhances your setup by creating the most efficient conveyor solution for your footprint. The curved belt conveyor design eliminates excess conveyor length and handling time. Designed to transport heavy loads, our curved belt conveyors are ready to integrate with your existing solutions to meet even the most demanding transportation needs.

Advantages of the curved belt conveyor

When this curved conveyor is used in conjunction with your existing solutions, it can bring many benefits to virtually any material handling environment. These benefits include

Superior durability: Our bend conveyor solutions are designed for high volume, heavy duty applications - airport baggage handling is one example. These low-maintenance conveyors are built for reliability in situations where equipment must operate almost continuously and downtime must be kept to a minimum to meet stringent deadlines and time requirements.

Performance-centric engineering: To meet the needs of heavy-duty applications, our bending conveyor solutions feature offset joints and double-stitched fixed belt curls that provide a guide profile five times stronger than conventional belt curls. By directly addressing and reducing these common risks of breakage, FMH Conveyors can virtually reduce maintenance time.

Quick Belt Change: In the event that a belt change is required, the modular design of our curved belt conveyors allows for a quick solution and minimizes downtime, with changes taking as little as 15 minutes instead of the hours required by other solutions.

The benefits of curved belt conveyors make them ideal for industries with intensive shipping and receiving requirements. These include e-commerce fulfillment, distribution centers, parcel handling and more. Airports are the largest users of this product.

The curved belt conveyor is fully customizable

While our curved conveyor systems come in a variety of standard sizes, Zoomry will also design custom configurations. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to meet them.

Our belt curve conveyors are designed to provide a reliable, long-lasting connection to the existing components of your complete setup. The modular design allows for fast and efficient setup and integration. Upgrade individual solution components as needed, rather than replacing the entire solution. The modular design also allows for quick belt replacement as described above in the rare but necessary event that maintenance is required.

How does a curved conveyor belt work?

A curved conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt that is designed to transport items around a curve. It is typically made up of a series of interconnected belts or rollers that are mounted on a frame. The belts or rollers are powered by a motor, which drives them to rotate and move items along the conveyor.

To make a curved conveyor belt, the belts or rollers are arranged in a way that allows them to bend and curve around a corner or turn. They may be mounted on a series of rollers or other support structures, which allow them to rotate and follow the desired path. The angle of the curve and the radius of the turn can be customized to fit the needs of the particular application.

Curved conveyor belts are commonly used in manufacturing and logistics settings to transport items from one point to another in a controlled and efficient manner. They can be used to move products around a factory floor, to sort and organize items in a warehouse, or to transport goods from one location to another in a distribution center.

Overall, the operation of a curved conveyor belt is similar to that of a straight conveyor belt. The main difference is that it is designed to follow a curved path, rather than a straight line.


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