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Conveyor Pulley

Drive pulley for conveyor system

Drive pulleys, which can also be the head pulley, are propelled to the discharge by the power transmission unit. Typically, the head pulley is delayed for increased traction. Zoomry Conveyor offers the best head pulleys available to help our customers run their factory, mine, or facility more effectively, safely, and productively.
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Drive pulley

Why you choose our Drive pulley:

1. Steady running, reliable quality and reduce maintenance;

2. Less movement longitudinally,rotating smoothly, extends the life span;

3. Various bearing housing and sealing structure are available for the customers choice;
4. Multi pass labyrinthine sealing,preventing the mixed dirt and water immersed;

5. Manufacturing by steel pipe specially for of high precision roller, ensuring the strong load, low shaking and less noise.

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