Installation points of pipe conveyor


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Industry news

Installation points of pipe conveyor

During the operation of the Pipe conveyor, it is necessary to strengthen the analysis, reasonably prevent various failures, and reasonably control various safety hazards.

1. It is necessary to fully guarantee the safe operation of the power distribution room of each transshipment station, and reasonably control hidden troubles such as power trips; in practice, it is necessary to avoid problems such as heavy-duty start and stop, and effectively reduce the cracking of the drive roller rubber bag and the Conveyor Belt. Damage and other problems, effectively prolonging its service life and improving the overall performance parameters. the

2. Fully guarantee the smoothness of PLC communication in the power distribution room of the transfer station, fully guarantee the normal communication of PLC, and avoid affecting the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

3. In severe cold areas, the antifreeze system should be used reasonably to avoid quality problems such as stiffness and inability to bend the conveyor belt caused by the temperature.

4. Fully guarantee the overall performance of the fire pump. Do a good job in the smoothness of the maintenance roads in the middle, and ensure that fire trucks can enter the scene in time under unexpected conditions.

5. It is necessary to improve the safety and reliability of lighting fixtures for tubular conveyor belts to ensure that they can be patrolled in an orderly manner at night.

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