What is pipe conveyor?


Engaged in conveyor system field more than two decades.

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Industry news

What is pipe conveyor?

pipe conveyor

What is Pipe conveyor?

A pipe conveyor is a rubberized belt that is shaped into a pipe or tubular shape from a traditional troughed design. In the past 40 years or so, pipe conveyor technology has advanced significantly and is now on level with trough conveyor technology. These conveyors can be compared as a result.


Metallurgical lndustry, 

Cement Industry, 

Fertilizer Industry, 

Paper and Pulp Industry, 



Unrestricted direct material transmission between two sites, which is not feasible via normal methods.
Enclosed, hygienic, and environmentally friendly transportation eliminates all leakage, dispersal, and material return dropping.
The conservation of material qualities throughout conveyance is achieved by eliminating transfer sites and avoiding atmospheric exposure.
With a steeper angle of inclination, there is a chance for curvature in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
Possibility of delivering a second material through the system's return side pipe, which would save operating and capital costs.
Overall reductions in the need for space, structural costs, and foundation costs facilitate investment decisions.
With modern technology, even a horizontal angle of 90 degrees is feasible.

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