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Pipe conveyor system

Pipe Conveyor

A brand-new variety of belt conveyor is a pipe conveyor. It is an enclosed curve that can be used by various systems for transporting bulk materials. It can handle both a high incline and a horizontal position. It can safeguard the material being delivered and the conveyor belt thanks to its tubular design. Overall reductions in the need for space, structural costs, and foundation costs facilitate investment decisions.
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Pipe Conveyor

pipe conveyor

pipe conveyor

pipe conveyor

What is Pipe conveyors?

Pipe conveyor is a rubberized belt that is shaped into a pipe or tubular shape from a traditional troughed design. Pipe conveyors are crucial pieces of bulk material conveyance equipment that are frequently utilized in the mining, cement, coal, and other sectors. It plays a significant role in bulk transportation and industrial output. A special type of belt conveyor called a pipe conveyor was created from the standard belt conveyor. It is a particular type of circular conveyor where the material is encircled by a round tube created by the roller group guide.

Why you choose our Pipe conveyors?

It has the same advantages as general belt conveyors with energy saving, safety and reliability;

More environmentally friendly, whether it is the upper tape or the lower tape, it is rolled into a round tube, which fundamentally avoids the spilling of materials and dust;

It is easier to turn. Compared with the general belt conveyor, the pipe conveyor system can adopt a smaller turning radius, which can meet the needs of special occasions and narrow space layout.

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