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Tracked Radial Stacker

Tracked conveyor

For large stockyards, tracked conveyors are a particularly reliable piece of material storage equipment. A tracked conveyor is a type of equipment used in engineering, typically when loading and unloading locations are frequently altered. Depending on how the goods are stacked, a tracked conveyor can be moved at random. Tracked conveyors are produced by Zoomry Corporation. The equipment is mostly utilized in the fields of quarry, mine, wharf, port, steel, metallurgy, power, cement, and sand quarry for the transfer and stacking of materials.
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Tracked conveyor

Maybe you want to know about Zoomry?

Zoomry, a professional belt conveyor manufacturer and EPC contractor founded in 2002, specializes in providing bulk material handling solutions that help customers lower production costs, increase productivity and lessen environmental impacts.

Since its inception, company has strived to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly bulk material conveying equipment that is tailored to the working environments of customers. As a factory, our product line includes not only complete sets of long-distance overland conveyors, tubular belt conveyors, troughed belt conveyors and radial telescopic stacker conveyors but also the critical conveyor parts. Currently, our bulk material conveyors have been extensively used in a number of industry sectors such as mining, chemical, coal plant, ore, thermal power plant, aggregate plant,cement factory, steel plant etc..

Zoomry has a quality inspection center consisting of a chemical lab, a hardness lab, a conveyor roller lab and a mechanical performance testing lab, having more than 60 testing equipment. All our belt conveyor systems are thoroughly examined to ensure that they meet or exceed the national standards, and their quality is compliant with ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and CEMA certification.


tracked stacker

Why you choose our product?

1. The ability to handle up to 1500 tons of material per hour;

2. Equipment with remote control and high automation;

3. It can handle the bulk stacking operation in a variety of applications because to its effective Conveyor Belt cleaner;

4. The structure of the tracked conveyor is compact and sturdy;

5. The stacking height can be easily adjusted using the automatic lifting system;

6. Device for folding by the tail and the head, making it easy to transport and move around in the field.

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