Tracked Radial Stacker for conveyor system


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Tracked Radial Stacker

Radial Tracked Stacker

The radial tracked stacker is a novel idea in the industry. The Zoomry radial track stacker range offers operators a product that is independently driven, has exceptional on-site manoeuvrability, and has the capacity to produce enormous radial stockpiles while being able to self-propel through even the roughest terrains.
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tracked radial stacker


1. A tracked conveyor with self-powered diesel hydraulics.
2. Complete hydraulic setup; no crane necessary.
3. Track in/track out containers.
4. Can cut expenditures for labor, maintenance, and fuel by up to 80%.
5. Avoid handling materials with a wheel loader twice.

6. Completely tracked for mobility on-site.

For bulk material storage stockpiling systems in several industries, our KTR tracked radial stacking conveyor are the best options:
1. Direct primary crusher stockpiling at the material source.
2. storing material from screens and secondary crushers.
3. Storing mineral ores, sand, gravel, and crushed stone, among other things.
4. Storing demolition and construction debris, topsoil, coal, grain, etc.
5. Taking delivery of crushed material and securely placing it over a quarry face or bench.
6. Participating in short- to medium-term projects as a mobile system.
7. Loading of rail wagons, trucks, and ships.
8. Conveyor with mobile Link

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