What are the design considerations for long-distance belt conveyors?


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What are the design considerations for long-distance belt conveyors?

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Long distance Conveyor Belt selection

The cost of the conveyor belt of the long-distance conveyor accounts for more than 1/2 of the total cost of the belt conveyor, so it is very important to choose a suitable conveyor belt. The safety factor and the joint method directly affect the cost of the whole machine.

Long distance belt Conveyor idler selection

The selection of idlers, especially the selection of idler diameter and spacing for long-distance belt conveyors, is more important. The total weight of the rollers accounts for about 30% of the weight of the whole machine. For example, if the distance between the rollers is changed from 1.5m to 2m, or the diameter of 133mm is changed to a larger one, it will determine the cost of the rollers, and will also reduce the running resistance coefficient.

Long-distance conveyor drive mode selection

Whether the drive mode is single machine or multi-point multi-drive, or intermediate friction drive, it is of great decision significance whether to reduce the strength of the conveyor belt at this time. If the single-head drive mode is selected, the power of the head is as high as several kilowatts, and a high-voltage motor must be used, and the strength of the conveyor belt must also be a steel rope core or an aramid fiber core. If the intermediate friction drive mode is selected, the belt conveyor can be as long as tens of kilometers, and high-strength nylon or aramid belts should be used.

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