Zoomry Progress in Winter


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Company news

Company news

Zoomry Progress in Winter

Cement plant, <a href=https://www.zoomryhi.com/belt-conveyor.html target='_blank'>belt conveyor</a>, conveyor system

Jidong Cement Panshi Co., Ltd.'s 4,500-ton clinker cement production line project is located in Panshi City in the southeast of Jilin Province. It is one of the key projects in Jilin Province this year. It is located in the transition zone from Songliao Plain to Changbai Mountain. The spring is dry and windy; the summer is hot and rainy; the temperature difference between day and night in autumn is large; the winter is long and cold, and the annual minimum temperature can reach -42.6°C. The annual average reliability of conveyor equipment is required to be no less than 99.5%.

Cement plant, belt conveyor, conveyor systemCement plant, belt conveyor, conveyor system

Zoomry Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. actively implements the corporate values of "customer first, teamwork, pursuit of excellence, integrity and innovation". Adhere to the development of "low-carbonization, intelligence, integration and service", and devote ourselves to the construction of this project with the attitude of man conquering nature. Strive to start production as soon as possible to achieve results, make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the owner and local economic construction, and become the global leader in the bulk material transportation industry!

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