What Is a Stacking Conveyor Used for?


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What Is a Stacking Conveyor Used for?

As mines continue to expand and fuel prices escalate, mining companies are increasingly looking to control costs and improve the way they transport ore from the mine to the processing plant. Traditionally, shovels and trucks have been used to transport the extracted rock to crushing stations. Now, with In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC), the ore can be fed directly into the crusher and then onto a conveyor for transport to the next section of the processing plant, eliminating the need to use so many trucks to transport the material over long distances from the crushing plant.

The portable stacking conveyor is based on a modular concept that greatly facilitates the relocation or expansion of conveyors during mine development. Our systems speed up and optimise the process of material removal, redistribution and stacking.

Typically, with a portable stacker system, a string of portable conveyors feeds the stacker. As the stacking progresses, individual portable conveyors are inserted or removed from the string.

Tire-mounted portable conveyor can be moved by another vehicle, such as a transporter or bulldozer. Crawler C conveyors will move under their own power. Standard portable C conveyors move by pulling or pushing the tail end. Lift points suitable for forklift trucks are located at the head and tail end for final adjustment once the conveyor has moved into place.

Portable Radial Stacking Conveyor

Many material handling system requirements include the need for a machine to create product storage stacks. This can be achieved with a simple fixed stacking conveyor or a complex variable width/rotary powered radial stacking conveyor. Some of the factors that determine which type of equipment should be used include storage capacity requirements versus available space, material characteristics (e.g. dust or flow problems) and recycling methods.

Stacking conveyors are used to store materials, usually aggregates, for later use. The conveyors pivot around their end terminals, which allows them to form conical piles for additional storage. They can also be raised and lowered manually or by means of hydraulics.

Radial stacking conveyors are trough belt conveyors that are able to pivot from a point on a circular arc and build up storage piles.

Reliable and efficient yard management

Mining material yards can be faced with large volumes of material on a daily basis. Without proper management of this material, your operation can face unnecessary downtime and ultimately lost profits.

Zoomry stacking conveyor solutions use our experience and knowledge of the mining industry to develop reliable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of our customers. This involves end-to-end solutions, including concept studies, project development, project execution and post-installation service and maintenance.


Stacking conveyor solutions are available in 3 unique solutions: stationary stacking conveyors, radial stacking conveyors and mobile stacking conveyors.

Efficient yard management

Material management is not only required for effective yard management. Mixing is also included in some applications. Zoomrystacking conveyor solutions provide a continuous flow of material with stacking and proper mixing options.


Solutions can be tailored to ensure that all your operational needs are met. Metso Atutai also has extensive experience in providing solutions that comply with all local regulations.

Reduced downtime

Stacking conveyor solutions are designed with robust components that are built to last even in the harshest conditions.This helps to reduce maintenance requirements and maintain continuous flow, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Stacking is essential for a well-managed mining material yard. Stacking conveyor solutions focus on providing equipment to ensure that materials are properly managed and to reduce any unnecessary downtime.

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