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Engaged in conveyor system field more than two decades.

Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Guide Roller

Belt conveyor guide roller, mainly to prevent the belt deviation, in order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor.

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The quality of the rollers is directly related to the stability and safety of the conveyor operation.

Aiming at various harsh usage environments such as mines, coal mines, and chemical industries, our company has developed high-sealing, high-life, low-resistance rollers that have achieved good application results and have a service life of more than 40,000 hours.

Conveyor Roller


Q235 idler, ceramic idler, high frequency welded pipe idler, polymer idler


Guide roller


Conveyor Roller

There are the following eight indicators to measure the quality of rollers:
1. The radial runout of the roller (this indicator directly affects the stability of material conveying.)
2. Axial string momentum (directly affects the service life of the roller)
3. Flexibility (affects the service life of the roller and the service life of the tape, as well as the driving power of the whole machine)
4. Waterproof performance (affects the service life of the roller)
5. Dustproof performance (affects the service life of the roller)
6. Axial bearing capacity (affects the service life of the roller)
7. Impact resistance (affects the service life of the roller)
8. Rotation resistance (affects the service life of the tape)

Why you choose Zoomry conveyor roller?

Advanced sealing performance;

high-quality raw materials;

Strict quality control checks;

Automated assembly line.


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