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Telescopic Stacker

Mobile Telescopic Stacker

The mobile telescopic stacker is a product developed based on the needs of places such as stockyard stacking, dumping, loading and shipping. It has the advantages of flexible movement, simple operation, low cost and high cost performance. It can be used to replace loader operations in various stockpiling occasions and improve work efficiency.
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A mobile telescopic stacker, commonly referred to as a radial telescopic stacker, is a versatile piece of material handling equipment that is designed to stack, store, and transport bulk materials in various industrial settings. It is comprised of a telescopic boom that can be extended and retracted to reach different heights and distances, allowing for the efficient stacking and retrieval of materials from a range of locations.
The mobile telescopic stacker is designed to be mounted on a wheeled chassis, making it highly maneuverable and versatile. It can be moved easily around the worksite and positioned at different locations to access and retrieve materials. The stacker can also rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to stack and retrieve materials in any direction.


The mobile telescopic stacker offers several advantages over traditional material handling equipment.

  1. Its telescopic boom allows it to reach heights and distances that would otherwise be impossible to access with a forklift or other types of equipment. This feature enables the stacker to maximize storage capacity and minimize the need for additional equipment and manpower.
  2. Another advantage of the mobile telescopic stacker is its ability to operate in tight spaces. The stacker's compact design allows it to maneuver through narrow aisles and tight corners, making it an ideal choice for warehouse and distribution center applications.
  3. Stacker's mobility makes it highly versatile, allowing it to be used in a variety of settings, including ports, rail yards, construction sites, and more.

Application Industry:

Telescopic Stacker

Mobile telescopic stackers are typically used to handle bulk materials such as coal, salt, ore, grain, and other similar materials. They are designed to work in harsh environments and can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. The stacker is also commonly used in construction settings, where it can be used to move and stack materials on job sites. Additionally, it is widely used in port and rail yard settings to load and unload cargo from ships and trains. They are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, anti-collision systems, and operator protection devices to ensure safe operation.


Basic model Bandwidth mm Maximum capacity m3/h Belt speed m/s Standard length m Maximum inclination angle° Retractable length m
ZR80SF 800 500 2.50 30/40/50 20° 10-20
ZR100SF 1000 850 2.50 30/40/50 20° 10-20
ZR120SF 1200 1500 3.15 30/40/50 20° 10-20
ZR140SF 1400 2100 3.15 30/40/50 20° 10-20
ZR160SF 1600 3500 4.00 30/40/50 20° 10-20

The above are our standard models, we can customize production according to customer needs. 

We have a long and solid cooperation with SEW and Flnders and look forward to your inquiry.

More product details:

Mobile Stacker

mobile stacker

mobile stacker

The included angle of the stacker can be controlled between 4 degrees and 20 degrees.

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