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Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Fire resistant conveyor belts are ideal for reducing fire risks when moving combustible bulk items that are vulnerable to flame damage.
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Zoomry's fire resistant Conveyor Belt solutions include conveyor belts manufactured using nylon carcass/EP carcass materials and finished with superior and well-defined processes, including:

● Calendering

● Assembling

● Vulcanization

● Other related processes

Superior structural properties offered by these fire resistant conveyor belts make them suitable for conveying materials that require flame retardant as well as electrostatically conductive belts in industrial sectors such as:

● Electric power

● Chemical industry

● Light industry

● Metallurgical and grain processing industries

Use in flammable/explosive environments, such as in coal mines As this fire resistant conveyor belt is mainly used for internal transportation inside buildings as well as in tunnels, mines and other safety critical areas, we ensure numerous safety classifications and international standards and successfully meet the operational requirements in the environment involving -

● Coal powder

● Gases

● Fertilizers

● Other combustible materials

Here, we also ensure that these belts used cannot generate static electricity, which could ignite atmospheric gases and dust. Since they are antistatic, they meet the defined international standards and can therefore be safely used in any classified environment.


Some of the industry sectors that use these include.

● Mining

● Wood industry

● Paper and pulp

● Sugar industry

● Food

● Recycling

● Chemical and fertilizer plants


● Leader in the manufacture and export of fire resistant conveyor belts

● Solutions specifically designed to prevent the spread of fire throughout the belt

● Belts are backed by flame retardant properties

● Belts comply with various ISO test standards, such as flame test, resistance test, roller friction test

● The perfect belt to prevent the risk of fire in coal mines

● Belts designed to reduce maintenance requirements for flame-prone conveyor belts in blast furnaces

● Belts are suitable for mining industry, thermal power stations, coal washing plants, etc.

Standard Features

● Superior tensile strength

● Flame retardant finishes

● High temperature and abrasion resistance

● Ability to provide excellent performance in extreme temperatures

● High abrasion resistance


Fire resistant conveyor belt specifications


Min. Tensile Strength N/mm2)

Min. Elongation at Break (%)

Max. Abrasion Loss (mm3)

Max. Temperature (‘C)

Application Areas:






Materials with fire hazards e.g. Fertilizer, Coal etc.






Explosive and fire hazardous material
e.g. Coal Powder, explosive materials etc.

FR Grade – Our range of FR grade conveyor belt is Fire retardant. Suitable for surface application. FRU Grade – Our range of FRU grade conveyor belt is Fire retardant. Suitable for Underground application.

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