What is DTⅡ belt conveyor?


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Industry news

What is DTⅡ belt conveyor?

Product introduction:

DTII belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor, which belongs to general-purpose series (code name: D means fixed belt conveyor, T means general type, Ⅱ means serial number), and can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, ports, power stations , building materials, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and other industries.

Instructions for use:

The material is conveyed by a single or multi-unit combined conveying system, which can convey various bulk materials and finished items with a loose density of 500~2500kg/m3.
The applicable working environment temperature of DTII fixed belt conveyor is generally -25°~+40°C. For belt conveyors working in special environments, if they are to be heat-resistant, cold-resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, flame-retardant, etc., corresponding protective measures should be taken separately.
DTII fixed belt conveyors are designed according to the component series, and the designer can select and design according to different terrains and working conditions according to the requirements of the conveying process and combine them into a whole conveyor.

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