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Frequency Conversion Motor

The Frequency Conversion Motor is a brand-new device that incorporates the benefits of both domestic and foreign motors. Zoomry can supply you first-class frequency conversion motor.

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0.55kw ~ 1600kw

The installation type


Cooling way

IC 411 / IC416

Protection grade

IP54/ IP55


1. High efficiency and significant energy saving;

2. Smooth speed regulation, stepless speed regulation within the range of 5-100HZ;

3. The torque parameter load impact is small when starting at low frequency;

4. The starting current is small, no additional starting equipment is needed;

5. Small size, light weight, and the same installation size as Y series;

6. An axial fan is installed in the air hood, which has a good cooling effect at various speeds;

7. A wide range of applications, it can be used for constant torque operation below 50HZ, and can be used for constant power operation above 50HZ;

8. Compared with the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the structure is simpler, the use is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient;

9. The motor shell's protection level is up to IP55.

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