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Chain Bucket Unloader

Mobile Chain Bucket Unloader

The wagon doesn't move because the equipment crosses the train tracks. The materials could be moved on a belt conveyor and then transported by conveyor directly to the manufacturing line. In the storage area on each side of the railway line, once the production line has produced too much, it may be stacked. It is appropriate for events where there is a storage facility or yard close to a railroad line. The device also has a dust collector that can handle typical dust elimination requirements. The typical center distance of this series bucket unloader's course is greater than 5.6 meters. Electricity can be conducted using either a safety trolley line or a cable reel.
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Mobile Chain Bucket Unloader




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The Mobile Chain Bucket Unloader is an overhead unloader that discharges particle-mass material from the rail using a special chain bucket unloader apparatus. The materials could include sand, gypsum, shale, iron ore, etc. The Mobile Chain-type bucket unloader is made up of many pieces, including a driver's compartment with air conditioning, a chain lighting mechanism, a traveling mechanism, a belt-type conveyor system, a dust cleaning device, and an electric control system.
This system is environmentally favorable because the dust collection unit is mounted above the belt conveyor. As a result, industries are abandoning excavator and dust-remover systems too rapidly. The material conveying equipment used by the mining industry might be the bulk material handling equipment.
Coal, petrochemicals, steel, cement, metallurgy, power plants, etc.

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