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Chain Bucket Unloader

Fixed Chain Bucket Unloader

The wagon is drawn from the shunting winch because the machinery is fixed in relation to the railroad track. On each side of the railroad line, the loaded materials may be conveyed into the floor belt conveyor. It is appropriate for setups where there isn't a stacking site or running track put up on either side of the railroad line, where there are several railroad lines running parallel to one another, or if the running track cannot be made up between the railroad lines.
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Fixed Chain Bucket Unloader




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The fixed Chain bucket unloader is a type of material unloading device for bulk commodities that uses a fixed chain bucket to extract bulk materials from the train and then releases them into the destination using the on-board system. The adjusted chain-type unloader is made up of the following parts: a chain lifting mechanism, a rotation mechanism, a belt-type conveyor system, a device to remove dust, an electric control system, and an air-conditioned driver's compartment, among other things.


Given that the pathways for transporting the materials have been shut, it is difficult for the dust to escape. Meanwhile, as there is no regular starting-braking functionality, the sound is extremely low.

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