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Chain Bucket Unloader

Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader

The Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader operates using the same methodology. The apparatus with an additional modification: At the enormous storage yard, a rotary belt-type conveyor can unload rich material at an angle of 180°. The Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader can be used to unload coal from coal mines, limestone from train wagons, or even cement from cement plants. The unloader might be configured to unload phosphate, ore, sand, raw sugar, and other materials. A huge and heavy amount of material can be unloaded using the rotary chain bucket unloader and stored there.
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 Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader




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Why you choose our Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader?

It causes little environmental pollution because the pathways for substances to communicate are sealed; yet dust cannot easily escape from the reclaimed head. There aren't any frequent starting-braking operations in the meanwhile, therefore the noise is quite low. Large amounts of material, including iron, limestone, coal, or stone, may be removed from the lawn by the machine in nearly any position. The maximum cubic meter rate of material unloading can be as high as 500 m3/h. The Rotary Chain Bucket Unloader transmits materials using a conveyor mechanism.
This system is environmentally favorable because the dust collection unit is mounted above the belt conveyor. As a result, enterprises are abandoning eco-friendly excavator and dust removal equipment too rapidly.

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