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Steel Spiral Return Roller

The steel spiral return roller helps to eliminate material buildup that exists especially in the center of the belt. The straight line tracking of a conveyor belt can be affected by the type of material being conveyed, especially if this material is sticky and therefore tends to stick to the belt surface.
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ZOOMRY's conveyor roller have been tried and tested in almost every imaginable application. We pride ourselves on making sure you get just the right solution for the job. Thanks to a well-developed supply chain, the conveyor components offering meets most national or regional standards, including CEMA, DIN, ISO, GB and others. In addition to providing products with the common goal of increasing equipment service life, components such as our Energy Saving Idler system can provide reductions of up to 35% in power consumption of long-distance belts a savings that contributes positively to both your bottom line and your sustainability targets.



Raw Material of Rollers:

1. Pipe: High precision ERW special pipe with small out of roundness. Material Q235 equal to Europe S235JR.

2. Shaft: High precision cold-drawn round bar, Material 45# equal to DIN C45.

3. Bearing: Deep groove ball bearing with clearance C3. Double Seal, Quality Grade P5Z3.

4. Bearing House: Cold drawn steel plate, material 08AL equal to DIN ST12/14.

5. Inner Seal: Lip type seal, Material Nylon.

6.Labyrinth Seal: Main Seal System, Material is Nylon.

We can produce according to customer's request. contant now.


1. Prevents material build-up, self-cleaning, non-stick surface
2. particularly suitable for sticky materials on the return side
3. efficient labyrinth seal to prevent dust and water from entering the bearing;
4. specially designed and manufactured for long trouble-free service life;
5. maintenance-free, high-quality sealed ball bearings.

Advanced sealing performance;
High quality raw materials;
Strict quality control;

Automated assembly production line;

Meet customer needs


Steel plants
Cement plants
Power plants Chemical plants


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