Ceramic pulley lagging


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Ceramic pulley lagging

One of the most popular forms of lagging used on conveyor pulleys is ceramic lagging. Since ceramic lagging is more resilient and long-lasting than rubber lagging, it is frequently utilized in demanding situations where abrasive material is transported.
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Design features:

Compared to non-lag pulleys, the coefficient of friction can be up to twice as high.

Higher coefficient of friction by up to 50% than typical rubber lagging.

38% of the belt's contact surface is ceramic (Medium Duty).

Virtually eliminates belt slippage.
Improves belt tracking.
Easily sheds water and dirt.
Lower belt tension and less take-up weight.

Easy installtion.

More details:

It is particularly well suited for pulleys where slippage and severe wear and tear issues render typical rubber lagging useless. The alumina ceramic tiles support the belt's optimal grip in muddy, rainy, or other challenging conditions.

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